Sir Robert Borden Junior High

Important Information for Students Not Attending due to Covid-19

We hope everyone is remaining safe at this time. As a school we understand your concerns regarding the spread of Covid-19 and the efforts you need to make to ensure the safety of your children and family. All schools in the HRCE follow the directive of Public Health who has deemed school is a safe place for students to be at this time. As directed by Public Health we are still operating under the protocols included in the Nova Scotia Back to School Plan Full Opening document. Under Public Health regulations, teachers are teaching in person. We are not yet in a blended teaching model; therefore, it is very difficult for teachers to teach full time both in person and online. As a parent, only you can make the best choice possible for your family. If you decide your child will be learning from home long term, it is important you contact the Department of Education to inquire about HomeSchooling. However, if your child is staying home short term, materials will be provided on Google Classroom from the in-person class that day. Resources and materials will be uploaded to the classroom in a timely manner. Teachers will not be providing instruction online at this time as they are still teaching in person full time. Google Classroom will not offer instructional learning, discussion, or formal assessments at this time. Assignments and activities posted to Google Classroom will be evaluated and grades WILL be issued. Any assignments not completed that are posted will impact a student’s term grade. Parents are welcome to pick up a chromebook, textbook, and any other supplies that may assist with learning. All instruction and tests will be occurring in school. If there is anything further we can help with, please do not hesitate to contact the school.